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The Spread the Joy Foundation's board is committed to spreading joy to hospitalized children. You know why? Because they are all kids at heart...don't let the suits fool you! One of them has converted his walk-in closet into a NERF gun room. Another has a man-sized shark costume that he uses to play "shark attack!"  Another has a complete set of RC cars that he built himself! And another designed the short film "THE AIRSHIP?" Can you guess who?


Shalini and her husband founded the Spread the Joy Foundation after their youngest child was hospitalized for an extended period of time. Although Shalini has a diverse background in Law, Real Estate and Interior Design- her true passion lies in bringing joy to hospitalized children. Her vision is to change the perception and dialogue about childhood diseases to a more positive, joyful and purposeful one.

Shalini loves slime.

Hey Shalini!

Edison is a video, motion graphics, and animation generalist with over 20 years of experience producing promotional content.  Edison founded Move-Foundry, a fully featured production house focused on 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation.

Yes, you guessed it! He's the one who produced "The Airship!"


Edison loves legos. 

Hi Edison!

Oie Sheena

Sheena Melwani is a media artist, with roots as a singer and songwriter.  With over 12,531,651 views on Youtube, Sheena has been able to connect with listeners on a worldwide level.  She inspires kids and seniors by using a powerful blend of new media technologies and popular music to communicate and influence with a positive spirit.


Sheena loves crayons. 

Hey Rita!

Rita serves as the organization's liaison to Canadian Hospitals. She has a specialization in human relations with a minor in psychology and just recently  received a certification in special care counseling. She presently works as an educator and behavioral technician in Montreal, Canada. 

Rita loves unicorns. 



Velinda received her Masters from Columbia University in Economic Policy Management. Velinda recently received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her commitment to the NJ Orators for the past 10 years. 

Velinda loves puzzles.

Aye Amit!

Amit has become a forerunner in the digital marketing industry. He has further branched out his lead gen roots in performance-based marketing with the formation of a highly specialized team under AdSugar. AdSugar has been ranked by Inc. 5000 as the 100th fastest growing private company in America in 2018.

Amit loves NERF.



Natalie is a Boston-based business development professional who has spent almost 20 years working within Am Law 200 firms. She believes superheroes are real and tucks hers - who battles brain cancer with bravery, impish giggles, and joy of spirit and soul - into bed every night with his stuffed animal sidekicks.

Natalie loves

her iPad.

Oie Lavesh!

Lavesh heads up the business development function and is also the General Counsel at Bionpharma. In his career spanning the globe, Lavesh was Vice President and Head Legal (General Counsel) for the North American operations of Ranbaxy.  He is licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois and speaks 5 languages. 

Lavesh loves RC Cars.



Vikki graduated from Cornell University Magna Cum Laude and now serves as the organization's liaison for  international import. She sources the best products for kiddos in the hospital and brings utmost joy to all around her. 

Vikki loves




Dinesh is a transactional attorney at Mintz whose practice encompasses M&A transactions, strategic investments, entity formation, and angel, seed, and venture financings – topics on which he regularly guest lectures at institutions such as MIT, Sloan School of Management, The Broad Institute, MassChallenge, and The Capital Network.

Dinesh loves Monopoly.

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