Empowered women empower women

“Never underestimate the power of a kind woman. Kindness is a choice that comes from incredible strength.” - Maya Angelou

International Women’s Month represents different things to different people. It is a time for us to remember to look past our borders, bodies, race, and religion; a time for us to think about how we can make future progress and a positive impact on those around us; and a time for us to appreciate the incredible women we have the honor of working with each day.

We’ve shared with you a little about our superheroes at Spread the Joy - the strong forces that stand on our Board of Directors; however, you have yet to meet the many #sheroes behind the scenes that have helped Spread the Joy grow into the foundation it is today.

We wanted to highlight our #sheroes and tell you a little more about them. We are in absolute awe of the dedication and drive they have, and we can’t wait to see what this empowered group of women can do together in time.

Shalini Samtani

Who is your #shero? Ellen!

What brings you joy? My Snuggie bunnies love face babies :)

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? The feeling that it brings to my heart.

Asha Bakshani

Who is your #shero? My mom - because she embodies everything it means to be a good human being. She gives so much of her life to other people.

What brings you joy? Hanging out with my husband and two boys.

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? The way other people feel when they are receiving joy.

Vaishali Deshpande

Who is your #shero? Wonderwoman because she feels human suffering in her heart and then fights with her heart to make the world a better place.

What brings you joy? Seeing people happy and able to live and provide a good life for themselves and their families - emotionally, mentally and financially.

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? That it is so easy to do so from just a simple smile to just being there.

Simran Hotchandani

Who is your #shero? Ruth Bader Ginsburg - throughout her career, she has worked tirelessly on projects to protect the rights of women and tackle gender discrimination.

What brings you joy? My family!

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? Being a part of something that is so much bigger than me. It’s incredible to see the impact one small act of kindness can have on someone who needs it most.

Monica Melwani

Who is your #shero? Superwoman because she represents all women who are strong but gentle loving caring and giving as well.

What brings you joy? Watching my beautiful grandkids grow.

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? Experiencing everyone work so selflessly.

Sheena Melwani

Who is your #shero? My mom. She is the strongest, kindest and most loving woman I know.

What brings you joy? My Family & Music!

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? It makes me feel happy to my core to see how your actions can make other people so happy.

Ankita Patel

Who is your #shero? Hellen Keller.

What brings you joy? My family, my life and my dreams!

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? Bringing happiness to others and working with amazing people.

Heta Shah

Who is your #shero? Moms are our first companions and biggest supporters. That’s my mom - she taught me to be capable, strong and independent. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.

What brings you joy? Laughter - especially from my son!

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? It’s one of the sweetest things you can think of for a child that has very little to be joyful about during the time in the hospital.

Pooja Tulsidas

Who is your #shero? My mom - she was a strong selfless woman who loved and cared unconditionally. She was my confidant, best friend, and inspiration. She always had the right answers, a positive attitude, great wit and handled herself with elegance and grace.

What brings you joy? My family. They are the reason I strive to be my best.

What’s your favorite thing about spreading joy? The opportunity to bring a moment of happiness to someone who deserves it!


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